Thursday, January 30, 2014

New study shows Zinc best for fighting Colds!!

Well here we go again another study showing what a lot of us already know. The  Canadian Medical Association found zinc is good for fighting colds and recovery. If you train and don't take ZMA your are missing out. One of the main ingredients in ZMA is zinc. So not only is it good for recovery but it will also help to keep you from getting sick. I always like it when the science repeats itself. It is just more evidence to back up what some people call Bro science or whatever is not concretely proven yet. So go get some ZMA to help keep you healthy and get up those recovery times.

Friday, January 24, 2014

X-Men no X- Man Train like a mutant!!!

You have to attack your training and keep at it day after day to get to your sweet success. The only way to do this is to be tenacious and just keep on pushing your limits. Just like some sort of super mutant freak!! How else will you stand apart? Oh you could try to get on a bunch of drugs and sell out. I would not recommend this!!! It is against the actual "healthy" living and lifestyle which makes you a hypocrite. It all starts with your mind. People tell me every day that I am crazy, why do I keep on going? You should quit ect. I am different from these people. They do not understand the mentality that I have and I do not understand theirs. I am truly different like a mutant. With consistency and time success will come. So strengthen your mind body and your will. In the end you will succeed. Make sure to be through and keep track of everything along the way. This will help you stay on track with nutrition and your workouts. Keep posted with the training news we will help you reach success.

Arnold going under cover at Golds Gym Venice!!!

This is a funny cool video of Arnold going under cover at golds gym Venice beach. He is trying to gain awareness to after school programs. It is some gym humor I think you will enjoy. It is amazing how he can carry on and still be inspirational and funny all this time. He gets my respect for just being Arnold totally awesome.
Keep posted for good advice and good videos. If you have any questions just search the training news. Thanks!

Ultimate warrior on "over Training" Awesome must see!!

I love this guy he is so inspirational and no nonsense. Thia is one of his videos on over training. I totally agree with him. Yes there is science involved in training but don't try to always find stupid short cuts.I hope I have that drive and focus when I am his age still.
Stop trying to make excuses and just do the freaking work!!! If you need some advice on what to do stay posted to the training news here on blogger!!!